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Rules are compulsory for all players will be enforced by Server Administration. Punishment for infringement of rules also determined by Administration, depending on the violation, up to complete ban players without possibility of amnesty.

REMEMBER!!!You are responsible for the safety of your stuff. We don`t return your lost items, as in the case of the account binding to computer (in the game: .security) - hacking isn`t possible

1. Rights and obligations of the parties

1.1 Administration reserves the right to make any changes on the server without prior notification of the players.
1.2 Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for violating them. Confirm registration on the server, you automatically agree with the rules.
1.3 All players must independently monitor changes in the rules.
1.4 Administration of the server has no responsibility for any damage suffered as a result of the game on this server.
1.5 Administration is not responsible for temporary or permanent opportunity to play on the server for specific person or group of persons.
1.6 Administration has the right at any time, without giving any reason, terminate your access to the server to a specific user or subnet as a whole.
1.7 Administration isn`t obligated to return any items, accounts, characters and their parameters lost by players for any possible reason.
1.8 In case of any server crashes, Administration shall take the necessary steps to improve its capacity in shortest possible time.
1.9 Players are required to comply demands of Administration and the signing of this agreement.
1.10 Responsibility is on account owner, regardless of who committed actions under this account.
1.11 All players are required to monitor themselves absence of prohibited software.
1.12 In case of violation in respect of user in any steps of this agreement by other players or GM's service user has the right to file a complaint, giving evidence of the violation.
1.13 Accounts and all their content are owned by administration server.
1.14 It`s forbidden to argue and challenge actions of the administration.
1.15 Administration reserves the right to delete characters and accounts, isn`t used for more than 60 days.
1.16 Administration has the right to control and interfere in the gameplay in any case of necessary.
1.17 Administration reserves the right don`t investigate case about hacking characters, divorces.
1.18 In violation of any rules, administration chooses itself what punishment the player will receive.
1.19 Administration reserves the right to make changes to set of rules without giving reasons and goals of these changes.
1.20 Players are required to report in a timely manner to administration for any found bugs and violations.

2. Interaction with server administration
2.1 It`s forbidden to contact Server Administration unless absolutely necessary. Any appeal to the Administration must contain a clear statement of the player problem or question regarding exactly to server.
2.2 Public/private insults against the administration are prohibited.
The penalty: the blocking of all accounts.
Option to unlock: Buy 500 Coin of Luck through the site (all items and purchased Coin of Luck you will remain).
2.3 Forbidden threats, pleas, etc. in address of server Administration both for the forum and the game.
2.4 It`s forbidden to interfere in the work of the Administration.
2.5 It`s forbidden wrangling with the Administration and challenging their actions.
2.6 Prohibited to trick Administration.
2.7 It`s Forbidden to publicate any interviews with the Authority, or their content without prior coordination.
2.8 Administration doesn`t intervene in gameplay, except for cases of rules violation, planned activities and ongoing work.
2.9 When GameMaster is close, you should pause all combat operations, especially if they are directed against to character, near which there was a representative of the administration.
2.10 At occurrence of controversial situations, player has the right to submit a complaint on e-mail address, by providing evidence of violations (screenshots, videos)
2.11 It`s forbidden to spread rumors and slander about the server and Administration.
2.12 In some cases, administration itself decides about the punishment, which is also non-negotiable.

3. Using programs and gameplay
3.1 Forbidden to use programs, third-party tangible items, as well as to disseminate information about them, simulating presence of a player in the game or interfere with the functionality of the server software. Beneath such means as program, modifying client or his replacement and modifying, facilitate gameplay which isn`t play methods.
The penalty: the blocking of all accounts.
Option to unlock: Buy 300 Coin of Luck through the site (all items and purchased Coin of Luck you will stay).
3.2 Prohibited the unauthorized access to someone else's gaming account.
The penalty: the blocking of all accounts.
Option to unlock: Buy 300 Coin of Luck through the site (all items and purchased Coin of Luck you will stay).
3.3 Forbidden any threats to other players if they aren`t related in the game.
3.4 It`s forbidden to send in chat messages violate the laws of Russia and Ukraine.
3.5 It is prohibited to sell or purchase for real money, cryptocurrencies (for example, USDT) and any other electronic means of payment, game items (including currency, weapons, armor, resources) and accounts. All forms of discussion or mention of such transactions on gaming and third party platforms are prohibited.
The penalty: the blocking of all accounts.
Option to unlock: Buy 300 Coin of Luck through the site (all items and purchased Coin of Luck you will stay).
3.6 It is prohibited to exchange game items and accounts between servers or other games. This includes any in-game items such as currency, weapons, armor, resources. Discussion or mention of such exchanges in the game, on forums and on external resources is prohibited.
3.7 It`s forbidden directly or indirectly promote other online games.
3.8 It`s forbidden directly or indirectly advertise sexual services and / or materials of erotic (pornographic) nature.
3.9 Forbidden any manifestations of racism and nationalism.
The penalty: the blocking of all accounts.
Option to unlock: Buy 500 Coin of Luck through the site (purchased Coin of Luck you will remain).
3.10 It`s forbidden to use symbols of clan wars in the clans emblems and alliances (This introduces the player misleading in mass wars).
3.11 It`s forbidden to create situations when players can`t distinguish NPC without using the command / target {name}
3.12 It`s forbidden to create situations when players can`t pass through the arches, narrow passages, etc.
3.13 It`s forbidden to operate "CASINO". Ignoring this rule - entails blocking all game accounts.
3.14 Forbidden purchase / sale game accounts for any currency (gaming, real, virtual).

4. Using server errors, bugs and cheats
4.1 It`s forbidden to use server errors and server software, bugs and cheats.
4.2 Forbidden the check server for bugs and cheats.
4.3 It`s Forbidden to Killing monsters, when they can`t hit the player for a reason caused by the way the game isn`t provided.
4.4 It`s Forbidden to submit information about the server and server software errors, bugs and Cheats.

5. Talking and naming
5.1 Flooding It is forbidden in public places.
5.2 Categorically forbidden to use foul language and insulting the players in the game and on the forum.
5.3 It`s Forbidden to create invalid clan names, abbreviations of clans, insulting other players or simply containing vulgar language. In the case of the clan, clan is disbanded, and the clan leader is blocked. Forbidden names offending other players or simply containing vulgar language.
5.4 When creating character, name mustn`t contain reserved words: GM, Administrator and Administration names as previously used, and in real.
5.5 It`s forbidden to impersonate administration as trustee administration.

6. Keeping trade and relations between players
6.1 Prohibited any fraudulent activities conducted with the aim of obtaining money or property of another player.
6.2 It`s forbidden to use the games flaws during conduct of trade, as the similarity of textures, delete things in trading, etc.
6.3 It`s forbidden to trade in places where it may cause inconveniences to other players (arches, narrow passages).
6.4 Administration doesn`t returns items lost in throwing on the ground.

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