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  2. thats because Shining bow was added to the game just some months ago :) all those rare DB you see around are older than that
  3. Earlier
  4. Is Shining Bow Focus giving the critical rate that must or is it bugged? Everybody is using Draconic Bow...suspicious :p
  5. fframan


    Hello, ive donated via paypal ( since cards dont work here ). Im not getting any donation coins ? When will i ?
  6. I would like to ask you to do a limited number of fights, for example 20 fights per week! Not all people have time to sit for days in the game, it would be fair enough that everyone did their battles and got the appropriate amount of points! In this case, the competition is all equal! thanks in advance!
  7. Dear players, we are happy to inform you of the successful merger of x10 (NEW) and x10 (OLD) servers.. All new players on the server x10 Premium Account + Premium Buff for 7 days! All players who played before the merger - also Premium Account + Premium Buff for 7 days! What is the merger for?: Eternal server, no wipes Server revitalization due to the opening of new x10 and merging with the old x10 Raising the online - after the merger the online will be more Features of the merger: Now the main server will be x10 (OLD), all the characters, items, clans, etc. transferred from x10 (NEW) to it Castles and clanhalls were transferred to the possession of NPCs The same name characters and clan names have been changed (only for characters and clans x10 (NEW) server), instead of the name was made ID character or clan, a free change of nickname and clan name is available when entering the game The auction was zeroed out, and all auctioned items were returned to their owners Olympiad statistics merged (heroes saved), the Olympiad continues. The reputation of all clans has been reset Respawn of regular Raid Bosses has been reset, Epic Bosses remain from x10 (OLD) server MAIN: If you don't see the character you want because of the account limit, delete the characters you don't want (60-second deletion delay). After deletion - the characters will appear. If you have any questions or problems, please refer to the Technical Section of the forum, Facebook, Discord.
  8. raspberry

    bot report

    MapJI9, Newkarmaspeed running bot for TT rec quest perma all day, one dwrarf around there with bow all day not even spoiling anything. I gathered mobs around the place it made a stop and still he managed to come inbetween me and the train of mobs. after killing the bot IiIDemoledorIiI came with another one, later whole clan.... made reports in game to bot all day still nothing. It is fully unfair and I hope there will be something done about it.
  9. never mind. Spawns :D
  10. Golkonda didn't spawn at all 06/09/23 Help
  11. Hi, on Sunday 3.9.2023 I made a donation via paypal to the nick Davees. I still have not received the credited COL. Please check. thank you.
  12. bro go to l2mad.ws - change language to russian - go to forum (will be in russian because is a different web) use translator and ask for help there :) they will answer within minutes
  13. Hello please chek me charakter: Ivanek on x100 old. I got critical error when char log in game. (Other accaunt work normaly, also other charakter in samé accaunt work normaly) Please chek and help me log in game. I will w8 for answer, thx!
  14. higeton


    not just about donation lol they take 5 -10 days to answer about any topic
  15. Pepeto


    Its incredible bad how the support work about the donation system we are waiting 10-24 hours for some coins
  16. aggreeeeeeeeeddddd
  17. what is the maximun wait time for col to receive?
  18. i dissagree with that have no sense
  19. i didnt notice any unbalance on this i dont know ...
  20. yes it will be very unbalanced and also will change the prices
  21. Pepeto

    Apella Robe

    tottaly agree with that staff mate.
  22. yeah i agree also with that... it would be nice
  23. i agree with that
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