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🔥 Update for Custom x100000 server opening - January 14


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List of changes for server x100000:

  • To correctly display the changes everyone needs to update the patch (v5.8.6)
  • Promotion Top 5 clans with a reward of 1375 Donat Coins replaced by the promotion Bonuses to players and the whole clan:
    - Now all members of the top 5 clans get a passive skill image.png Best Clan from level 1 to level 5, slightly increasing the character's characteristics
    - Now for getting clan reputation, the player who earned it gets a coin (1 reputation = 1 image.png Reputation Coin), which can be exchanged for valuable items in the Coin Shop (Other stuff).
  • Rolled back the changes from the last update on sharpening, now they are as before:
  •  - blessweapon.jpg Normal sharpening sharpen to +50, 95% chance; sold for etc_adena_i00.png Adena
  •  - crystallweapon.jpg Rare sharpen from +50 to +65, 85% chance; sold for rubl.jpg Rubles and euro.jpg Euros.
  • Removed Puppets, Talismans, Improved Gladiator Helmet, Level 2 Tattoos.
  • - The costume is once again analogous to the Mage + Warrior Tattoo
  • Removed a number of new Passive Skills that are learned for Tugriks:
  • - 3 Skills remain (Attack: 5th level increases +10% physical mag attack, Defense: 5th level increases physical and mag defense by 10%, Stats: 1st level increases STR, CON, CON, CON, MEN +1
  • Removed a number of new Passive Skills that are learned for Event Coin:
  • - 3 Skills remain (Attack: 5th level increases +10% physical mag attack, Defense: 5th level increases physical and mag defense by 10%, Stats: 1st level increases STR, CON, CON, CON, MEN +1
  • Number of books reduced from 17 to 14 (PvP Damage/Desense, PvE Damage removed).
  • - Books for stats (STR, INT, DEX, CON, WIT, MEN) are now level 1
  • Costume Jewelry:
  • - Returned previous mechanics, left low_antharas.jpg Weakened Epic Costume Jewelry - sold for Euros and Event Coin
  • - Returned the previous Rings of the Overlord, also added Earrings and Necklaces of the Overlord
  • - You can combine Weakened + Normal Epic Costume Jewelry, as well as the corresponding part of the Sovereign's Costume Jewelry on top_valakas.jpg Improved Epic Costume Jewelry.
  • Returned the NPC "Coincidental Ringmaker", who in addition to the Coin Shop will tell and help you get Costume Jewelry
  • Added image.png 3 New Costumes (Red, Blue and Purple)
  • Donate Agathion Angel - healing power reduced from 10,000 to 7,500, chance to Cleanse reduced from 30 to 20%
  • Increased the range of the Next-Target function
  • Equipment prices in Donate Shop have been reduced.
  • Changed the characteristic increase when upgrading Equipment
  • Adjusted prices for buying, upgrading equipment and items
  • Improved class balance, more details by January 10.
  • Improved balance in boss farming (warrior/mage, bosses that all deal 1 damage)
  • Changed Quest: Upgrade Coin.
  • - Now it has 3 stages: 1st stage - killing monsters in Monastery of Silence, then boss, 2nd stage - killing monsters in Forge of the Gods, then boss, 3rd stage - killing monsters in Tower of Insolence, then boss
  • Now while changing the location in Quest: Euro, the appearance and name of the monsters will change

List of changes for x1, x10, x100 and x1200 servers:

  • It is now impossible to go outside the event zone (TvT and DeathMatch)
  • Kamaloka Instance:
    - Now the reuze after login is given by IP/HWID
    - Now the rejuice is given immediately upon entering Kamaloka, not at the 3rd wave.
  • Fixed 2 bugs with Summons on TvT and DeathMatch events:
    - It is now correctly given a command (similar to the host)
    - Fixed a bug where after summoning/killing a summon, the host was teleported to the spawn point even if it was alive.
  • For Etc_scroll_of_resurrection_i01_0.jpg Blessed Scroll of Resurrection added static reuse - 15 seconds (previously it was not static).
  • Fixed a bug with autoattack after using physical skills, previously autoattack did not continue without clicking attack, now it automatically continues.
  • Fixed bug with skill0017.png Force Burst in Turant, as well as with some other physical skills, when the attack speed >1500 - the character lagged and did not want to attack, you need to move from the place
  • Fixed bug with Life Stone effects returning after temporary removal of Skill1056_0.jpg Cancellation and Skill0342_0.jpg Touch of Death, earlier it was possible to make 2 Life Stone effects (Active/Passive).
  • Skill0360_0.jpg PvE-Damage: weakened from +100% to +40%.


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During the OBT x100.000 11.01-14.10 was done:

  • Everyone needs to update the patch (v5.8.6) to display the changes correctly
  • Reduced HP of all raid bosses at the start of the server - we will raise it again later.
  • Corrected description of Golkonda raid boss (by npcs and the boss itself).
  • Corrected description of random book
  • Added attack speed limitation for all classes with duals - maximum value 5500.
  • Added a passive skill for Phoenix Knight/Titan/Grand Khauatari classes to wear a bow - now slashes 40% p.attack, 45% attack speed when wearing a bow and adds +20% p.def/+20% m.def
  • Fixed the chance of normal sharpening
  • Added chance of Santa appearing on new mobs in new locations
  • Fixed PvP items - costume jewelry was not working correctly.
  • Costume jewelry no longer gives additional stats when sharpened (only m.def).
  • Added Tauti jewelry for buying Power
  • Corrected the sharpening retention of costume jewelry
  • Fixed the description of the tattoo changer
  • Fixed black skill squares when sharpening Abyss Walker profession.
  • Fixed Polearm Mastery skill - sharpening boost only works on pique
  • Fixed next targeting permanently - now works on rege
  • The price for getting Legendary Weapons, Eternal, Legendary Armor and Wings is now 5 Upgrade Coin (1 quest).
  • Declaring War on Clans - now from 1 person per clan
  • Fixed the Ring Compatriot - exchange/buy works correctly
  • Added dollar to coin exchanger at NPC Achievements
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