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πŸ”₯ Referral Program - 30% Eternal Donations from Referrals! πŸ”₯


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🌟 Boost Your Game with Our Referral Program! 🌟

Want to enhance your gaming capabilities while sharing a unique experience with friends? Our referral program is your chance to receive bonuses and invite new players into our world!

How It Works?

  1. Log in to your account and create a unique referral link.
  2. Share this link on social media, forums, and messengers, inviting friends and acquaintances to join us.
  3. Every time a referred player makes a donation, you'll receive 30% of that amount in your in-game balance. And this will happen with every payment made by the referred player - without exception

Why Is This Beneficial?
πŸš€ By inviting just a few friends, you can accumulate enough funds to purchase in-game coins. This isn't a one-time bonus; it's a continuous source of income
πŸš€ Think about it: if 50 of your referrals regularly contribute, your in-game balance will keep growing. This isn't just a reward; it's an investment in your gameplay!

What You Need to Do?
Simply spread the word about L2Mad! Let everyone know about our Lineage 2 Interlude and Essence servers. Ensure that invited players join us through your referral link.

Don't Miss Your Chance! Invite friends and enhance your gaming experience with our referral program! 🌟

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