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Server Opening Update [x100000] June 9


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A list of recent fixes for all servers:


  • All servers have been moved to new hosting (location: Germany)
  • A large amount of work was done to optimize servers, updated all the main library to the latest versions (MySQL, Java and other, affecting the fluidity and speed of response in the game)
  • As a huge amount of work to optimize the issuance of skills, macros (creation, editing and removal), change of sub-class, shortcuts panel and all the resource-intensive mechanisms
  • Reworked mechanism of walking characters and monsters, previously with the second and subsequent clicks did not always work
  • Added ability to exchange Dollar Coins (received for achievements) for Donate Coins from NPCs
  • Work on forums:
  • forum.l2mad.net and forum.l2mad.ws moved to new hosting and updated to the latest versions
  • Fixed many bugs, optimized their work (speed increased by several times)


  • All efforts this time were aimed at optimizing gameplay (clickability and speed of response in the game), in order to achieve maximum comfort of the game and solve all the problems with "lags"
  • There were made over 100+ commits in this direction, the result will notice absolutely everyone
  • Fixed several bugs with Agathion, with which you can fly to the automatic events, the Olympics and the Balanced PvP zone with him (there he is banned)
  • It was forbidden to change the nickname with the % symbol, which made it impossible to spell /target on such a player
  • Fixed a bug with the removal of karma if a character has a summoned Agathion
  • Fixed sharpening the Angelic Icon skill on Power
  • Now gives +15% additional attack speed at +30 sharpening
  • Added an option to try on costumes in the Donate Shop
  • Implemented Deepl translation of the chat messages for foreign players
  • Manager agathion has removed the typo that he is sold for Battle Coin
  • Warrior and Mage Tattoo gives less bonus to sharpening
  • Light/Heavy belly sharpening increases P&E attack, Robe increases Mag attack.
  • Light/Heavy gloves increase attack speed when sharpened, Robe increases cast speed.
  • Light/Heavy/Robe boots when sharpened increase movement speed
  • Light/Heavy/Robe helmet that sharpen increases P&M defense
  • Any epic costume jewelry when sharpened increases P&M attack, P&M defense, attack and cast speed.
  • Vesper gear now requires Dynasty
  • - Dynasty upper and lower now expands armor
  • Insert Soul Crystal level 10 into Epic Dark and Legendary outfit, tier 3 and tier 4 costume jewelry
  • - Chance of pumping SA increased from 5 to 10%
  • Updated server description
  • Removed from the server "Casino"

x10, x100, x1200:

  • Manor: Removed level difference formula when dropping
  • Skill Correction:
  • Celestial Shield + Bluff - previously removed targeting even under invulnerability
  • Reflect Damage + Celestial Shield - now damage is not returned when invulnerable
  • Added ability to disable Deepl translation (in .menu) for English speaking players
  • Noblesse is now casted a fixed 0.5 seconds (outside of the Olympics)
  • Various improvements and optimization of Deepl translation, caching has been added
  • Fixed bug with the ability to resurrect on siege:
  • Fixed the feather effect after dying with a Charm of Courage roll, it now only reduces experience when dying under siege, as it should in Interlude (previously, resurrections with the feather effect was infinite until a relog)
  • Corrected the output parameters in .whoami (including the chance to mag. Krit)
  • Fixed bug with title change and $ symbol, previously the change dialog was broken
  • Added drop missing Recipe: Soulshot
  • Added information to the description for all accessories, how many slots and which one it takes (need to update the patch to the latest version)
  • Added translations of all main sharpened skills for RU language (need to update patch to the latest version)
  • Fixed bug with inability to give clan rights
  • Updated servers description for x10, x100 and x1200
  • Added ability to exchange Rare S-Grade weapon for 100 Coin of Luck, previously only regular S-Grade could be exchanged
  • Fixed bug with the limit in PvP, previously the limit was 65535 (now it is not)
  • Whenever you use .repair on a problematic character, all of his/her equipment will also be removed.
  • Bug fixes connected to the work of the Item Broker
  • Fixed bug with relog in a city that is under siege (problem was in Gludio/Gludin), earlier when entering the game character teleported to one of the spawn points in the city
  • Steal Essence: increased base strength and sharpening power (was reduced for unknown reasons)
  • Sonic Buster: fixed a bug with the attack of this skill without holding Ctrl, under some conditions hit the character (which could become PK)
  • finally fixed bug with possible getting stuck in textures epic boss Zaken
  • Fixed the Symbol of Defense, Symbol of Resistance, Symbol of Honor, Symbol of Energy, Symbol of the Sniper, Symbol of the Assassin buffs.
  • Previously, they were only thrown in combat/PvP zones
  • Fixed the Berserker trait, it did not give the characteristics previously stated in the description
  • Fixed re-sharpening the Dagger Mastery skill, changed the sharpening from Power to Critical Chance, added sharpening to Critical Power
  • Corrections to Rare Apella stats
  • Blazing Skin now gives 5% P. Def. instead of 10%.
  • M.Def. should not give, typo in the update
  • Fixed Angelic Icon skill sharpening on Power:
  • Now gives +15% additional attack speed at +30 sharpening
  • Spirit Barrier: Removed sharpening on Time/Cost, added on Power
  • Summon Mechanic Golem's use speed now depends on attack speed
  • Weakened Power of all Life Stones from 110 to 55
  • - Also increased cast speed and decreased rollback
  • Fixed a bug with Tallum Blade, and also with Rare Dark Legion's Edge (there was a typo with Grade, which did not put LS)
  • Fixed typo in Rare Tallum Heavy Set (it showed that for full set you need "not rar" navel)
  • Hot Springs Rheumatism duration increased from 60 to 120 minutes
  • Corrected Crite Chance adding to the properties
  • Added checks for PvP/PK counters for the same IP/HWID
  • Fixed sharpening skills Touch of Death and Cripple, previously when sharpening stopped hovering the effect
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to sell the Full Plate Shield
  • Fixed Major set description (need to update patch to the latest version)
  • Penalty for leaving clan, 2 bugs fixed
    1) "You can avoid the penalty when leaving the clan by leaving the clan, create your own clan, take your twin there, pass the rights to the twin clan and dissolve the clan twin, fine on Maine disappear - you can join immediately where the mood strikes
    2) When using offline trade
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Corrections during OBT (06.06-08.06):

  • Fixed costumes - added more characteristics than tattoos
  • Added Battle Coin exchange to the general exchanger
  • Fixed Core/Orfen reputation issue
  • Fixed problem with character freeze on inactivity
  • Fixed boosting SA on Core/Orfen Bosses
  • Fixed bug when changing titles
  • Added all costumes for exchange
  • Added ability to exchange PVP items for Light/Heavy/Roby
  • Added check against PvP/PK stuffing
  • Corrected "Who's on First" achievement rewards
  • Enabled file replacement check (Protect)
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