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Casino [x10, x100, x1200 and x100000]


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On all servers in the game was added "Roulette" classic rules, NPC Lottery Ticket Seller stands in the main towns (Giran or Goddard).

Available games and coefficients:
1) Per number (0-36), coefficient: 35:1
2) Per column (First, Second, Third), coefficient: 2:1
3) Per dozen (First, Second, Third), coefficient: 2:1
4) Red-Black, coefficient: 1:1
5) Even/Odd, coefficient: 1:1
6) High-Low, coefficient: 1:1
If you win, the bet is not taken away.

IMPORTANT! If the minimum bet is 1 Coin of Luck, and the maximum is 10,000 Coin of Luck, then you can double the game only 5 times (in case of losses).

Available currencies for the game:


etc_adena_i00.png Adena
Etc_ancient_adena_i00_0.jpg Ancient Adena
coinofluck.jpg Coin of Luck



goldbar.jpg Gold Bar
coinofluck.jpg Coin of Luck



rubl.jpg Rubles
euro.jpg Euro
eventcoin.png Event Coin
l2mad.jpg Rare Coin
donate.jpg Donate Coin

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