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Servers Update [x10, x100, x1200] 19.09.2022


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List of changes on x10, x100 and x1200 servers:

General changes:

  • To display all changes correctly, you need to update the patch to version 6.3.8 (will be available until September 21, 2022)
  • For ease of authorization, added a plugin that remembers your previously logged in accounts:
  • Fixed a bug related to AI monsters in the Monastery of Silence, which could lead to stalls in their actions
  • Quest Whisper of Dreams, part 1:
     - Fixed a problem with the farming of items in a party (when the finishing character did not have a quest, but he was in a party with a character who had a quest)
  • Fixed a bug with monsters Alliance of Splendor associated with poisoning type skill1233.png Decay, after the disappearance of the monster following reborn until the end of the poisoning
  • Now in the multisell (item exchange windows) after the improvement of the iitem, the list is updated instantly, previously you had to reopen it
  • Hero Crown and Lord's Crown (with Properties) can now only be worn if you are a Hero/Clan Leader with a castle
  • Now after teleporting to TvT and DeathMatch events, Agathion is automatically recalled if he was summoned before the event - he will be automatically summoned after the end of the tournament
  • The Finest Food, Seekers of the Holy Grail, Guardians of the Holy Grail, A Powerful Primeval Creature, and Rise &&Fall of the Elroki Tribe have returned their standard etc_adena_i00.png Adena award (it was lowered previously).
     - Adena reward etc_adena_i00.png is now divided by 3 on an x10 server, and divided by 25 on an x100 server.
  • In the Legacy of Insolence quest, the bypass for further/repeat exchange of items has been fixed
  • Fixed quests:
     - Stolen Dignity - didn't work at all
     - A Game Of Cards - didn't work at all
     - 1000 Years, the End of Lamentation - didn't work at all
  • Fixed domes:
     - Skill1421_0.jpg Raging Waves, skill1420.png Cyclone, skill1419_0.png Volcano and skill1423.png Gehenna: now beat monsters, don't beat themselves + only work on flagged targets and clan war
     - skill1422.png Day of Doom: now the debuff hangs on monsters, does not hang on itself + only works on flagged targets and clan war
  • Fixed a lot of typos + improved localization (EN)
  • Fixed bug Raid Boss Archon Suscepter, you could not hit
  • Fixed shield icons (nep, zombies, new shields and rar)
  • Fixed property additions (critt chance and strength were giving wrong values)
  • Corrected a typo in the name of champions (wrote 15, no x)
  • All Agression now shows up 100% in debuffs, not in buffs (in the pairing)
  • Fixed bug skillname Item Skill: Empower, it was written that it gave 20%, in fact 30%
  • Skillname-r corrected the description of the Archery skill
  • Fully corrected the display of all icons in the npc Auction
  • Reduced the attack range of Stakato monsters (for comfortable farming with a spade)
  • Rare Crystal Dagger - Mortal Strike changed to Rare Crystal Dagger - Critical Damage
  • Fixed a bug with summoning in Sea of Spores using a wyvern to a great height
  • Added to the description about Olf's T-Shirt and its sharpening chance

Changes at x1200:

  • Moved Agathion and Properties (taken from the previous x10/x100 update)
  • Implemented a new Daily Quest system, adapted for x1200 (taken from the previous x10/x100 update)
  • 35 properties were added to the game, you can insert/remove them into an accessory at the Donate Shop (taken from the previous x10/x100 update)
  • The price of Donate accessories increased from 4 to 10 coinofluck.jpg Coin of Luck
  • Formal Wear (wedding dress) removed from the Gm Shop, now sells for 10 coinofluck.jpg Coin of Luck
  • It can also now be combined with Olf's T-Shirt as well as other costumes
  • On the server x1200 a problem with Agathion summoning in PvP zones was fixed
  • For the server x1200 automatic conversion etc_adena_i00.png Adena in goldbar.jpg Gold Bar is implemented if the DailyQuest count of Adena exceeds the limit

Changes at x10/x100:

  • The x100 OLD server returned to the standard epic respawn (by mistake, there was temporarily an accelerated respawn from x100 NEW)
  • In Drop/Spoil the colors were added
  • On x100 Drop/Spoil added pieces, recipes, C and B grid items
  • On x10 NEW/OLD the chance to drop bark and orphen decreased to 30%, it was 100%.
  • Added etc_reagent_white_i00.png Greater Healing Potion at 5.000 etc_adena_i00.png Adena to the GM Shop x10

Some changes will take effect gradually over the course of a week

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  • root pinned this topic

As always, thanks for the continual work on the server, great improvements in general!

A little addition if possible: BEWA missing in donate shop at x100 - these scrolls are almost impossible to collect compared to BEWS.

Also, will there be further updates, including class rebalances, and when

kindest regards

ADM1RAL - Alex

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