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Quest to Sub-class


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Quest - Fate's Whisper

1. The quest for the Sab-class begins in the Town of Oren. Run to Skyshadow Meadow. In the vicinity of the town look for Reorin.

2. Teleport to the Town of Aden. Run to The Cemetery. We need to find the chest, which appears after the death of raid boss Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (You can kill the boss as part of a group, or wait until it will kill others) from the chest get a sphere with the soul Reiria's%20Soul%20Orb.jpg Reiria's Soul Orb.
Return to Reorin in the Town of Oren.

3. Now you will be sent to mine 3 scepters, which can be obtained from the three chests that appear after the death of raid bosses.
All raid bosses, can be found in Tower of Insolence.
- The Death Lord Hallate boss raid can be found on the 3rd floor of the Tower of Insolence. You need to get from the chest Hallate's%20Infernium%20Scepter.bmp Hallate's Infernium Scepter.

- The Kernon boss raid can be found on the 8th floor of the Tower of Insolence. You need to get from the chest Kernon's%20Infernium%20Scepter.bmp Kernon's Infernium Scepter.

- The Longhorn Golkonda boss raid can be found on the 11th floor of the Tower of Insolence. You need to get from the chest Golkonda's%20Infernium%20Scepter.bmp Golkonda's Infernium Scepter.

When you get all three scepters return to Reorin.
4. Teleport to the Town of Oren. At the warehouse looking for Cliff, we get Infernium%20Varnish.bmp Infernium Varnish. With this powder we go back to Reorin.

5. Teleport to the Town of Aden. In the forge look for Ferris. We get a hammer Maestro%20Reorin's%20Hammer.bmp Maestro Reorin's Hammer. Back to Reorin

6. Teleport to the Town of Oren. At the weapons store look for merchant Zenkin.

7. Teleport to Hardins Private Academy. In the cave look for Kaspar, from him we get Pipette%20Knife.jpg Pipette Knife, which we need to sprinkle with Bayum's blood (in our case, change it in GM Shop >> Quests).


8. Red%20Pipette%20Knife.jpg Red Pipette Knife take it to Kaspar at Hardins Private Academy. In exchange for the dagger, Kaspar will give Maestro%20Reorin's%20Mold.jpg Maestro Reorin's Mold.


9. Teleport to the Town of Oren to Reorin. Except for Maestro%20Reorin's%20Mold.jpg Maestro Reorin's Mold, You will need Crystal%20(B-Grade).jpg Crystal (B-Grade) (984) and Top B grade weapon!



Quest - Mimir's Elixir
(Warning! To begin this quest, you must have the item Star%20of%20Destiny.jpg Star of Destiny in your inventory, which can be obtained as a reward for completing the quest Fate's Whisper)

1. Teleport to Ivory Tower. On the floor of the dark elves look for Ladd.

2. Also in Ivory Tower. In the basement look for Wesley and take the quest Supplier of Reagents.

3. We will also need:

  • Moonstone%20Shard-Pure%20Silver.jpg100 Moonstone Shard
  • Volcanic%20Ash.jpg 10 Volcanic Ash
  • Quicksilver.jpg 2 Quicksilver

They can be traded in the GM Shop >> Quests for Lunargent.jpg Lunargent and Moonstone%20Shard-Pure%20Silver.jpg Pure Silver.

4. Now take all of it to Ladd.

5. In the Ivory Tower, we are looking for Joan.

6. Teleport to the Town of Aden >> Silent Valley. We need to get Sage's%20Stone.bmp Sage's Stone from tigers Chimera Piece 
Go back to Joan in Ivory Tower. Then go back to Ladd and get in return True%20Gold.jpg True Gold.

7. Teleport to the Town of Giran >> Antharas' Lair. Make your way in the depths and look for Bloody Guardian, you need to get Blood%20Fire.jpg Blood Fire.
After obtaining the necessary item, go back to the urn in Ivory Tower.

8. Use all the collected reagents (for cooking we use the 3rd degree of temperatureMoonstone%20Shard-Pure%20Silver.jpg Pure SilverTrue%20Gold.jpg True GoldBlood%20Fire.jpg Blood Fire = get Mimir's%20Elixir.jpg Mimir's Elixir, then we go back to Ladd.


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