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Small fixes for x1200/x100 and x100000 servers


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A small list of fixes for x1200/x100 and x100000 servers:

Servers x1200/x100:

  • Premium Buff and Premium Account:
     - Found and fixed the problem that affected the loss of premium buffs and premium account after the merger of x1200 servers
     - Everyone who is missing a premium buff and premium account - it was refunded
     - To compensate, a premium account for 7 days was issued to all players
  • Now after opening the multisell html window (the dialog box with the NPC) remains open
  • Fixed bug with inability to open window shift + click on NPC
  • Various fixes related to previous updates

Server x100000 (changes made during OBT or after opening)

  • Class Master has been changed to Class Manager, who can now have a profession in addition to getting one:
     - Take any sub-class, including Overlord (for 20 Donate Coin)
     - The delay between any actions of the manager (including guildmasters) has been reduced from 10 seconds to 2 seconds
     - It is now allowed to add/modify a subclass even when Agathion is invoked
     - Easy, clear and user-friendly interface, removed many interfering checks, etc.
  • Changed donation bonuses:

    From 50 Donate Coin - 5% bonus
    From 100 Donate Coin - 10% bonus
    From 150 Donate Coin - 15% bonus
    From 200 Donate Coin - 20% bonus
    From 300 Donate Coin - 30% bonus

  • New Books Etc_codex_of_giant_i03_0.jpg Giant's Codex - Mastery:
     - Added books to the game, similar in functionality to the Chronicles of High Five - Etc_codex_of_giant_i03_0.jpg Giant's Codex - Mastery
     - You can buy them at the GM Shop and Coin Shop for 450 euro.jpg Euro, you can sharpen the skills at the GM Shop (Enchanting skills)
     - In the case of unsuccessful sharpening, the skill is not reset, but stays at the same level. 1 enchant = 1 book
  • Agathion:
     - Agathions now forcibly and automatically buff the host immediately after changing/adding a new subclass
     - Fixed a bug with Agathion stalling and not being able to summon him again, the problem was only solved by restarting the server
     - Fixed bug with double buffs from different Agathions by changing subclasses, now the buffs are replaced
  • TvT and Base Capture:
     - Implemented a system of returning players who have fallen under the textures back to the resurrection zone of their team
  • Fix with cut messages/announcements
  • Now after opening the multisell html window (the dialog box with the NPC) remains open
  • Constant correction of bosses' HP depending on the average player's equipment
  • Rogue, Treasure Hunter and Adventurer have their damage reduced by 30% in the Capture the Base event
  • Decreased attack speed of Dynasty Dual Sword by 10%

All changes are either already in effect or will take effect after the nightly restarts.

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Server x100000:
Class Manager:

  • Fixed bug with ability to leave buffs from other people's professions on yourself
  • Bug fixed with removal of subclasses and shortcuts panel, now it is cleaned if skills from previous (already non-existing) profession are exposed on it
  • Fixed a bug with adding a non-existent subclass that doesn't show up in the list
  • Now when removing the targeting from a Guildmaster the text will write: Sub-class cannot be added, need to take the targeting on the Guildmaster.
    The period between receiving an award in the HopZone ranking has been reduced to 12 hours

Servers x1200/x100:

  • The period between receiving an award in the HopZone ranking has been reduced to 12 hours
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