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Server Opening Update [x100000] August 20


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We present you a list of changes for the opening of the server:

  • The patch (v5.6.2, available for download on the website)
     - Fixed an issue with the inability to enchanted some suits
     - L2MAD Copywriters on the Mask by Coronavirus
     - Now when you open the game window the screen will not be light
     - Fixed bug with flooding messages in the chat without automatic punishment in the form of chat bans
     - The maximum number of created macros increased to 48
     - Other minor fixesДругие мелкие исправления
  • Added automatic donation bonus, which is now permanently attached to your account
     - The bonus is added automatically depending on how many coins you have bought on this account
     - You can check your bonus at the Donate Shop, an NPC:
      - For the NEW server:

    From 50 Donate Coin - 5% bonus
    From 100 Donate Coin - 10% bonus
    From 150 Donate Coin - 15% bonus
    From 200 Donate Coin - 20% bonus
    From 300 Donate Coin - 30% bonus

     - For the OLD server (one month ~ after opening):


    From 50 Donate Coin - 15% bonus
    From 100 Donate Coin - 20% bonus
    From 150 Donate Coin - 25% bonus
    From 200 Donate Coin - 30% bonus
    From 300 Donate Coin - 40% bonus

  • Legendary and Eternal armor is no longer sold in the Donate Shop, you can only get it in-game
  • topepicdark.png Improved Epic Dark removed from the game, now the game has 4 types of Armor: Dynasty, Vesper, Epic Dark Knight and Legendary
  • Added new Legendary and Improved Legendary Weapons:
     - To get a regular Legendary weapon, you need the appropriate Tera weapon with SA, 25 l2mad.jpg L2MAD Coin, 15000 euro.jpg Euro, 20 eventcoin.png Event Coin and 15 Change_elemental_crystal_0.jpg Upgrade Coin
     - To obtain an Improved Legendary Weapon you will need sa10.jpg Red Soul Crystal - Stage 10
     - The price of the Icarus -> Tera weapon upgrade has been reduced to 3500 euro.jpg Euro and 10 eventcoin.png Event Coin

    Legendary Bow:
    Внешний вид:


    Legendary Mace:
    Внешний вид:


    Legendary Blade:
    Внешний вид:


    Legendary Spear:
    Внешний вид:


    Legendary Dagger:
    Внешний вид:


    Legendary Fist:
    Внешний вид:


    Legendary Hammer:
    Внешний вид:


    Legendary Handed Sword:
    Внешний вид:


    Legendary Dual Sword:
    Внешний вид:


    Legendary and Improved Legendary weapons are not sold at the Donate Shop, they can only be obtained in-game
  • Changed the logic and method of obtaining Wings:
    Wings of the Demon and Valakas, Dreads of Baium and Swords of Zaken are now called Reduced (visually they are also smaller) and are divided into FARM and DON:
    Внешний вид:


    FARM are those sold at the Coin Shop:
    farm_demon.jpg Small Demon Wings
    farm_valakas.jpg Small Valakas Wings
    farm_baium.jpg Small Baium Hair
    farm_zaken.jpg Small Swords of Zaken

    DON are those sold at the Donate Shop:
    don_demon.jpg Small Demon Wings
    don_valakas.jpg Small Valakas Wings
    don_baium.jpg Small Baium Hair
    don_zaken.jpg Small Swords of Zaken
    Reduced FARM and DON wings give the same characteristics and have the same appearance

    Also added and Enhanced (visually, they are larger than the reduced and give 5% more characteristics):
    Внешний вид:


    incr_demon.jpg Enhanced Demon Wings
    incr_valakas.jpg Enhanced Valakas Wings
    incr_baium.jpg Enhanced Baium Hair
    incr_zaken.jpg Enhanced Swords of Zaken
    You can get them by crossing Reduced DON and FARM wings at Coin Shop
    Enhanced wings are not sold in the Donate Shop, they can only be obtained in-game
  • low_epic_n.jpg Weakened Epic Costume Jewelry:
     -  Now gives 7% P.M./Mag. attack, P.M./Mag. defense instead of 4%

  • Implemented display of the server load when selecting servers, yellow names - average load, red names - heavy load

  • Trying to catch a bug with Agathion when he could not be summoned and recalled, and he did not baffle or fly for the host

  • Implemented a reward for registering with Telegram

  • The price of all Costume Jewelry in the Donate Shop has been increased by 5 donate.jpg Donate Coin, Wings on the 10 donate.jpg Donate Coin

  • Skills Skill0342_0.jpg Touch of Death:
     - Fixed the bug with the removal of debuffs, now only removes buffs
     - Fixed bug with removal of toggle skills, example: Skill0334_0.jpg Focus Skill Mastery, and others
  • Huge work has been done on the localization of messages/announcements RU/EN
  • Achivements:
     - Reduced characteristics for completing all 30 achievements from 15% to 10%
  • Now after killing L2MAD Boss (PvP) and L2MAD Boss (Balanced) monsters Minion appear within 5 minutes (was 10), drop increased to 10 battlecoin.jpg Battle Coin
  • Premium Character:
     - This is now a Premium Account, and applies to all characters on the account, not just the character on which you bought
     - Added a notification when Premium Account expires:
  • Now the bonus for sms/telegram registration is given only to the first created character on the account
  • Skills Skill1056_0.jpg now also removes only normal buffs, before it could remove debuffs as well
  • Castle Siege:
     - Now the "Into the City" button will always teleport you into the city instead of the waiting room during a siege
  • On the statistics site fixed the display of nicknames with < and > characters
  • Now when you remove the skill target Skill0101_0.jpg Stunning Shot, Skill0352_0.jpg Shield Bash, Skill0353_0.jpg Shield Slam and Skill0358_0.jpg Bluff stop a character's attack (normal)
  • Bug fixes related to Agathion and inviting more than 7 people into a party
  • Added character's nickname to the name of each launched window
  • Sub-class:
     - Now when you add a new or change to an existing tattoo.jpg Tattoo subclass is not removed
  • Skills Skill0452_0.jpg Shock Stomp, even if unsuccessful, with a 50% chance of resetting the target and stopping the attack/cast
  • Support for English on server restart (announcements + html)
  • Updated and redesigned the .menu command:
     - Added ability to link an account to HWID directly from there
  • Updated icons for Nephilim Lord and Monster Only(Shield of Imperial Warlord Zombie)
  • Skills Skill0361_0.jpg Shock Blast, even if unsuccessful, with a chance of 100% resets the target and stops the attack/cast
  • New feature to separate chats in the game between Russian-speaking and English-speaking players
  • Reworked awards for 2 server ratings from l2topservers.ru/.com to topservers200.ru/.com
  • Skill1064_0.jpg Silence doesn't interfere with a physical skill roll when passing
  • Hero:
     - The Accessory_hero_cap_i00_0.jpg Wings of Destiny Circlet crown is now automatically given out when you buy a hero from the Donate Shop and get one from Monument of Heroes
     - The Accessory_hero_cap_i00_0.jpg Wings of Destiny Circlet crown is no longer removable when you relog your character if you are a hero
  • Implemented mechanisms to combat spam stores in chat
  • Freight (transfer of things on the same account between characters):
     - Rewritten and restored Freight, now fully functional + implemented the ability to transfer weapons from the Life Stone
     - Fixed bug with inability to transfer Weapon with Life Stone but without skill

  • Skills Skill0447_0.jpg Counterattack:
     - Now reflects Blow skills, as well as other physical skills with a small radius taking into account your Physical Defense and Physical Attack of the enemy, as it should (checked with the PTS server)
     - Now for Blow skills reflection occurs 2 times instead of 1, + additional missing messages
     - Now has a 50% chance of blocking Blow skills
     - Now reloads for 75 seconds (instead of 180), the duration is now 6 seconds (instead of 10), data from the PTS server
  • Skills Skill0446_0.jpg Doodge:
     - Now reloads for 75 seconds (instead of 180), the duration is now 6 seconds (instead of 10), data from the PTS server
  • Fixed bug with targeting (Invicibility effect) and removal of targeting / cast off if you are invulnerable
  • The delay between Agathion recalls has been reduced to 2 seconds instead of 10
  • Allowed Agathion summoning and Agathion management if you have a guild master on target for a sub-class change (previously it said Wrong target)
  • Skills Skill0011_0.jpg Trick even if unsuccessful with a 70% chance of resetting the target and stopping the attack/cast
  • The interval between messages in chiro chat is now 1 message every 10 seconds
  • Fixed a bug with Monument of Heroes pagination
  • Skills Skill1417_0.jpg Aura Flash now has a fixed 50% chance of passing (knocking down a target/cast)
  • Corrects errors related to macro creation and the length of the acronym
  • Skills Skill0350_0.jpg Physical and Skill0351_0.jpg Magic Mirror now do not reflect the removal of the target from Skill0361_0.jpg Shock Blast
  • On the server side, fixed getting an award for voting in the HopZone ranking (they had an updated API)

    //Changes made during the OBT or after opening:
  • Class Master has been changed to Class Manager, who can now have a profession in addition to getting one:
     - Take any sub-class, including Overlord (for 20 Donate Coin)
     - The delay between any actions of the manager (including guildmasters) has been reduced from 10 seconds to 2 seconds
     - It is now allowed to add/modify a subclass even when Agathion is invoked
     - Easy, clear and user-friendly interface, removed many interfering checks, etc.
  • Changed donation bonuses:

    From 50 Donate Coin - 5% bonus
    From 100 Donate Coin - 10% bonus
    From 150 Donate Coin - 15% bonus
    From 200 Donate Coin - 20% bonus
    From 300 Donate Coin - 30% bonus

  • New Books Etc_codex_of_giant_i03_0.jpg Giant's Codex - Mastery:
     - Added books to the game, similar in functionality to the Chronicles of High Five - Etc_codex_of_giant_i03_0.jpg Giant's Codex - Mastery
     - You can buy them at the GM Shop and Coin Shop for 450 euro.jpg Euro, you can sharpen the skills at the GM Shop (Enchanting skills)
     - In the case of unsuccessful sharpening, the skill is not reset, but stays at the same level. 1 enchant = 1 book
  • Agathion:
     - Agathions now forcibly and automatically buff the host immediately after changing/adding a new subclass
     - Fixed a bug with Agathion stalling and not being able to summon him again, the problem was only solved by restarting the server
     - Fixed bug with double buffs from different Agathions by changing subclasses, now the buffs are replaced
  • TvT and Base Capture:
     - Implemented a system of returning players who have fallen under the textures back to the resurrection zone of their team
  • Fix with cut messages/announcements
  • Now after opening the multisell html window (the dialog box with the NPC) remains open
  • Constant correction of bosses' HP depending on the average player's equipment
  • Rogue, Treasure Hunter and Adventurer have their damage reduced by 30% in the Capture the Base event
  • Decreased attack speed of Dynasty Dual Sword by 10%

And many other fixes, about which there is no point in writing (on the server side).

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