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Core and Orfen upgrade


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Due to the low relevance of Ring of Core and Earring of Orfen jewelry, we decided to make improvements in the system, which, without making an imbalance between classes, greatly increase the value of bosses Core and Orfen.

You can now exchange in GM Shop (in Jewelry section) regular rings or earrings for upgraded ones.

Ring of Core (drop from: Core, chance - 100%, L2MAD Boss, chance - 10%):
To get Core_1lvl.jpg Ring of Core 1 LvL you need to have: Ring_of_Core.jpg Ring of Core (x2).
To get Core_2lvl.jpg Ring of Core 2 LvL you need to have: Core_1lvl.jpg Ring of Core 1 LvL (x1) and Ring_of_Core.jpg Ring of Core (x1).
To get Core_3lvl.jpg Ring of Core 3 LvL you need to have: Core_2lvl.jpg Ring of Core 2 LvL (x1) and Ring_of_Core.jpg Ring of Core (x1).
Earring of Orfen: (drop from: Orfen, chance - 100%, L2MAD Bosschance - 10%):
To get Orfen_1lvl.jpg Earring of Orfen 1 LvL you need to have: earring-orfen.png Earring of Orfen (x2).
To get Orfen_2lvl.jpg Earring of Orfen 2 LvL you need to have: Orfen_1lvl.jpg Ring of Core 1 LvL (x1) and earring-orfen.png Earring of Orfen (x1).
To get Orfen_3lvl.jpg Earring of Orfen 3 LvL you need to have: Orfen_2lvl.jpg Ring of Core 2 LvL (x1) and earring-orfen.png Earring of Orfen (x1).

IMPORTANT: Effects of jewelry do not add up, i.e. 2 identical rings or 2 identical earrings (regardless of LvL) will not increase stats х2.

Every LvL Ring of Core increases M. Atk by: 3%7% and 10%.
Every LvL Earring of Orfen increases P. Atk by: 3%7% and 10%.

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