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  1. List of changes on x10, x100, x1200 and x100000 servers: General changes: New patch for servers [x10, x100 and x1200] - available for download (v6.3.9), necessary for correct display of all changes During the period November-February on all servers added "Santa", which with a small chance of killing monsters will ride on the sleigh near your character: In passing: - It will put a buff on your character Christmas Red Sock slightly enhancing your character for 1 hour - Adds premium account +30 minutes - Gifts will fall to earth in the form of Christmas Tree and/or Special Christmas Tree - With a small probability you can get: 1 Coin of Luck/ Donate Coin - 30% chance 3 Coin of Luck/ Donate Coin - 10% chance 10 Coin of Luck/ Donate Coin - 3% chance 50 Coin of Luck/ Donate Coin - 0.6% chance Now on the opening of each new server, "First on the Server" Achievements will be introduced (first on x10 NEW) - A new NPC Achievements will appear in the game, which will detail all currently available achievements, with the status and reward for completing them first Achievements are divided into 6 categories: Main: PvP/PK: Quests: Craft (who will be the first to craft): Enchanting Items (who first enchant): Enchanting Skills (who first enchant): Hero Status: Skills Life Stone: Killing Bosses: Donate (who will be the first to make a single payment the number of coins): The list of achievements is not exact and will be corrected (provided for information purposes) On all servers added "Roulette" by classical rules, NPC Lottery Ticket Seller, read more Forum has been updated to one of the latest versions, with many improvements and fixes Many costumes and hats have been added to the game: Kiborg Costume: Chaos Agent Costume: Aegis Costume: Aquaman Costume: Rabbit Raider Costume: Gold Dragon Costume: Leviathan Heavy Costume: Leviathan Light Costume: Leviathan Robe Costume: Lover Costume: Templar White Costume: Templar Black Costume: Musketeer Red Costume: Musketeer Blue Costume: Lilith Costume: Antharas Costume: Changes at x100000 (opening December 9): To display all changes correctly, you need to use the latest patch (5.6.7), which will be available until December 5 $1620 (Real Dollars) and 5.500 Donate Coins for the best clans, read more Global improvements in performance/response in the game, rewritten the main library of communication between the server and the database, responsiveness increased to 200% Fixed a bug with a critical error in Task: Euro (was related to the message output on the screen) Reworked agathion mechanism, fixed a lot of problems with them Fixed a bug with skills that were used for example only at 30% HP, after sharpening the skin - the condition with the HP was not required, and the skin could always be used Donate Shop revamped the nickname/title color-changing service, now it has 22 colors for the nickname and 23 colors for the title Improving Weapons in the Coin Shop: - Augmentation is now displayed in the new weapon selection list when upgrading - Fixed a problem with incorrect display of sharpening of old and new weapons in the exchange list Quest: Euro: - For a change now has interchangeable locations, every hour location with monsters changes to 1 of 3: Abandoned Camp Forge of the Gods Hot Springs - All players in the zones will be moved to the new zone when it is changed - Now, when completing the first step (collect 225 Bones), when you kill monsters, a blue (1% chance) and red (0.2% chance) chest may appear, if you talk to it you can get one or more items: - Blue/Red Bonus Chest: Euro, Event Coin and Rare Coin Changes to Global-GK: - Duplicated teleporters with NPC Mavra (Lord's Rings) for Global-GK - Viewing the Epic Bosses respawn now for free, also added respawn display for Raid Bosses Implemented a system of sharpening skills from one sharpening to another: - Resharpening is available in GM Shop, section Skill Sharpening - To reenchant your skills you will need Giant's Codex - Discipline, they are sold at the GM Shop and Coin Shop for Euro - When re-enchanting, the level of improvement may decrease (by 0-3 levels) if the skill is sharpened more than >3 L2MAD Coin renamed to Rare Coin Auction: - Auction stopped working after viewing the Private and Clan Vault (error 0x102), fixed Removed duplicate Lilith Coin exchange for Rare Coin in the Exchange Fixed bug with the cancellation of TvT event and the inability to take off / put on equipment (as if the player at the event) Fixed the description of a sharpened Zealot (it was written at 70%, actually it was 30%) Reduced the respawn of monsters in MoS from 60 to 30 seconds Fixed the increase when sharpening Light/Heavy/Robe Armor Mastery outside of the Olympics - Previously increased p/m.def by wearing any of the sets Physical Mirror no longer reflects 100% Phys. Debuffs The Dreadnought class has been added an attack speed limit of 10065 (like Sagittarius) Phoenix Knight has been removed from the ability to sharpen the Sacrifice skill Shock Stomp and Shock Blast now have a fixed cooldown of 1.5 seconds Added Core with 6 hours rep, Orfen with 9 hours rep. - Core increases 4/8/12/16% M.Atk. Orfen increases 2/4/6/8% P.Atk. L2MAD Random Rune can now drop Orfen/Core Coin with a 1% chance In the game added 5 different talismans, they are activated while in the inventory and give a passive skill increase characteristics, summed (working all together): Attack Talisman level 1-5: Increases: Physical Attack +3/6/9/12/15%, Magic Attack +4.5,9,13,5,18,22.5% Talisman of Protection level 1-5: Increases: Physical Defense +3/6/9/12/15%, Mag Defense +3/6/9/12/15%. Speed Talisman Level 1-5: Increases: Attack Speed +2/4/6/8/10%, Speed.cast +2/4/6/8/10% Force Charm Level 1-5: Increases: HP/CP +1000/2000/3000/4000/5000%, PvP damage and defense +2/4/6/8/10% - Sold and improved at the Coin Shop for Euro, Event Coin and Rare Coin Donate Talisman: Increases: CP\HP +2500, Physical Attack +5%, Mag. Attack +7.5%, P. Defense +5%, Mag. Defense +5%, Attack Speed +5%, Casting Speed +5%, Speed +10, PvP Damage and Defense +5% - Sold for Donate Coin In the PvP Shop you can now improve Epic Dark, Legendary, Eternal armor, ordinary and improved Tera, Legendary and Hero weapons, costume jewelry for levels 3 and 4 Weapon - Price: 5000 Tugrik, +20% PvP damage Armor Set - Price: 2500 Tugrik +10% PvP physical defense Jewelry Set - Price: 2500 Tugrik +10% PvP mag. defense Added two-handed Dynasty, Icarus, Tera and Legendary magic stafs that increase mag.attack by 10% more Added Legendary Hero weapons - sold at the same price as regular Legendary weapons You can also insert Red Soul Crystal - Stage 10 and get an Improved Legendary Hero New skills for enchanting, as well as their changes: - Soul Cry - Seal of Disease - Seal of Despair - Fear - Pa'agrio's Fist (level 15 sharpening +4500 CP extra) - Agile Movement - Toughness - Fist Weapon Mastery - Light Armor Mastery (for the Shilen Elder class) - Mass Surrender to Wind - Lingtning Strike, Greater Heal (Eva Saint's Shillen Saint's) - Mass Surrender to Water - Rapid Fire - Power - Evade Shot - Power/Evasion - Critical Chance - Dagger Mastery (add enchant Critical Damage) - Focus Death - Binding Blow - Song of Silence - Shield Bash - Entangle (Changed the enchanting from Cost to Power) - Sprint (add enchanting Evasion) - Heavy Armor Mastery (for the Hierophant class) - Benediction - Resore Life - Summon Lor - Light Armor Mastery (Arcana Lord) - Curse Fear - Poisonous Cloud - Rain of Fire - Prophecy Wind/Fire/Water - Victory of Pa'agrio - Chant of Victory (enchanting to reduce movement speed) - Focus Chance - Focus Power - Boost Evasion - Tribunal (Cost enchanting changed to Chance, passing chance increased by 2 times) - Shackle (Removed enchanting on Power, left only on Chance, the chance of passing increased by 2 times) - Mass Shackling (Removed enchanting on Power, left only on Chance, the chance of passing increased by 2 times) - Prominence (Fixed an error in the description) - Spirit Barrier (Cost enchanting changed to Power) - Robe, Light и Heavy Mastery (added to classes Dominator, Warcryer) - Soul Guard (corrected enchanting error, outside the Olympics level 30 increases +10% Physical Defense additionally) - Aura Flare (fixed a description error) Added 2 new achievements last hit on Core, Orfen Maximum number of sub-classes is increased to 30 Changes at x10, x100 and x1200: Monsters with minions: - Now when you kill a boss monster its guards do not disappear after a while, when you kill guards - it is not resurrected, only when the main monster is reborn will appear and his guards Fixed bug with inability to summon Agathions in PvP zones (epics, etc.) Automatic conversion Adena on the server x1200 now occurs both when performing DailyQuest, and when killing monsters (provided that you have in your inventory >2kkk) Fixed the bug with the flight on the Olympics on the Stryder, previously did not drop it, now dropped it Fixed bug with DailyQuest and champions, killing a champion monster at the end we get much Adena Fixed a problem summoning Agathions in the Epic Boss Zaken area The Item Skill: Aggression has been restored to its default setting. Monsters can no longer ambush Agathion Skills Puch of Doom: - When used on your opponent has a chance to pounce on himself even if you are in the Invicible effect, fixed Fixed a bug with the sale of things, now you can sell infinite items (previously, when you sell a lot of things = nothing happens) Fixed bug with the inability to retake the quest on the 3rd profession in 2 cases: - When removing a subclass with a completed quest (for 3 professions) and taking it again, wrote that the quest has already been completed. - When changing main class, also after taking a subclass for a previous profession, when trying to take the quest - wrote that the quest has already been completed Fixed a bug with skills that were used for example only at 30% HP, after sharpening the skin - the condition with the HP was not required, and the skin could always be used Corrected description of Orfen, it was written 4/7/10%, actually gives 2/5/7% It is forbidden to use all scrolls at the Olympics (with which you buffed with sticks) Fixed description of Giant's Codex - Discipline Added Gold Bar exchange for Adena on x10/x100 Added information about Olf's T-Shirt and a chance to enchant it to the description of servers Some changes will take effect gradually over the course of a week
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