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Merging x100 (NEW) and x100 (OLD) Servers - Successful


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Dear players, we are happy to inform you of the successful merger of x100 (NEW) and x100 (OLD) servers..

All new players on the server x100 Premium Account + Premium Buff for 7 days!
All players who played before the merger - also Premium Account + Premium Buff for 7 days!

What is the merger for?:

  • Eternal server, no wipes
  • Server revitalization due to the opening of new x100 and merging with the old x100
  • Raising the online - after the merger the online will be more

Features of the merger:

  • Now the main server will be x100 (OLD), all the characters, items, clans, etc. transferred from x100 (NEW) to it
  • Castles and clanhalls were transferred to the possession of NPCs
  • The same name characters and clan names have been changed (only for characters and clans x100 (NEW) server), instead of the name was made ID character or clan, a free change of nickname and clan name is available when entering the game
  • The auction was zeroed out, and all auctioned items were returned to their owners
  • Olympiad statistics merged (heroes saved), the Olympiad continues.
  • The reputation of all clans has been reset
  • Respawn of regular Raid Bosses has been reset, Epic Bosses remain from x100 (OLD) server
  • MAIN: If you don't see the character you want because of the account limit, delete the characters you don't want (60-second deletion delay). After deletion - the characters will appear.

If you have any questions or problems, please refer to the Technical Section of the forum, FacebookDiscord.

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